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Stock Market Analysis: 03/24/17

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Ble Medlem: 17 Feb 2021
Innlegg: 1

InnleggSkrevet: Ons. 17 Feb-2021 - 08:40    Tittel: Stock Market Analysis: 03/24/17 Svar med Sitat

2. While money management at any level is a rat race, where funds try to keep their own clients and coax clients away from their competitors, the race becomes more frenetic with hedge funds. All mutual funds cover their expenses from the money under management; the management; these management expenses are public information and can be accessed at services like Morningstar. As Shakespeare would put it, this seems like much ado about nothing! 2. Higher tax liability: At least in the United States, for much of the last century, dividends have been taxed at a higher tax rate than capital gains. Last Wednesday, Starbucks Corp came out with a press release that investors have never seen before. To add even more ammunition to dividend seekers, studies over the last three decades have also shown that in the top decline in dividend yield generate about 2-3% higher returns, after adjusting for risk, than the rest of the market.

To mitigate downside risk of possible bankruptcy, add an additional insider activity screen. Financial leverage acts as a multiplier on profits from insider trading. You may be wondering at this stage what all of this has to do with insider trading. 4. Sector concentration: If you pick the highest dividend yield stocks across a market at any point in time, you may find yourself holding stocks in one or two sectors. These will be two very tough resistance levels and you will want to sell into this. Mutual funds can only buy on good news (though they can sell any existing holdings of companies on which bad news lies ahead). If they succeed, they can buy or sell a stock prior to that information becoming public; when it goes public, the stock will pop up or down, depending on whether the information is good or bad news. China 3x Bull ETF (YINN) - YINN is now soaring back above $17 and is up 17% in 2017. YINN is a strong buy between $13-$14 if we see more downside. American Intl Group, Inc. (AIG) - Shares of American Intl Group, Inc. are trading back above $35 again which is bullish.
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