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Stock Market Analysis: 09/01/10

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Ble Medlem: 17 Feb 2021
Innlegg: 2

InnleggSkrevet: Ons. 17 Feb-2021 - 08:25    Tittel: Stock Market Analysis: 09/01/10 Svar med Sitat

And this is exactly what the majority of the people have failed to realize. While a part of that group elected him because he was black (both a majority of African-Americans AND a significant percentage of white people (which leads to a question of racism, but I think I'll discuss that later) ) Others elected him because they wanted "change". People buy their] through the recommendation of their friends, from a broker's call or from a TV analyst. How much longer we can go forward when 40% of the people are paying for the other 60%? When investors take risk off, heavily shorted stocks can rise. Then take stock, and change your ways. Take the time to read it. Then think about it and read it again. GM , the Obama administration, and, apparently the inept reporters think so. When Mr. Obama and his liberal, wealth hating, anti-establishment redistibutionist associates wish to raise the tax burden on that 40% to pay for an inefficent government with a redistibutionist agenda? The White House wanted to pay off the UAW and used the shell of Chrysler to do it. Do they really think that 40% who work and pay taxes should be required to support the other 60%?

Interesting how now folks who are planning to reduce their wages to reduce their taxes (going "John Galt") are now "unpatriotic". “I'd rather own an expensive asset with some level of cash flow surety going into a down market than owning something cheap with cash flow uncertainty,” Mr Almeida said. They repaid 8.1 billion cash. It would seem to me that there is somewhere on the order of $42 billion yet to be repaid (plus interest) yet to go before the debt is settled. Youve got to have a certain amount of an item in inventory in order to sell a certain amount of that item. Have three well-balanced meals and healthy in-between snacks. Which means that the taxpayers’ $8 billion was just a gift to these three consitituencies. The nine lenders, which include previously disclosed members Stairway Capital Management and OppenheimerFunds Inc., represent just $295 million of Chrysler’s total of $6.9 billion of secured debt.

The names of nine dissident Chrysler debt holders were disclosed Wednesday, but a number of others chose to avoid the spotlight first put on them a week ago when President Barack Obama publicly chastised them for not supporting his plan for the automaker. On the weekly chart, the FBM KLCI formed a white shooting-star candlestick, a top reversal candlestick pattern, which indicates the key index had experienced some profit taking activity at latter part of the week after the initial upsurge on last Monday. Tesla (TSLA) - Tesla (TSLA) made a double top breakout on Monday which will reverse a death cross. Below is a list of stocks that are worth watching for March 23, 2011. Also, check out some of the biggest stock gainers of the Day, Top 2011 stock Gainers , stocks to Buy 2011, and Day Trading Tips. Weekly turnover increased to 7.58 billion units worth RM8.62 billion versus previous week’s 5.75 billion units worth RM8.51 billion.
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